Connor and I got in to this because we loved it. Connor began in high-end and large-scale commercial construction, and I (David) as a carpenter for a custom homebuilder. Since partnering, we have pursued design-driven and architect-involved projects from the start.

Using quality materials and employing skilled craftsman, we aim for precision and client satisfaction on every project, while maintaining good relationships with our suppliers and trades to ensure long-term success and reliable service post-construction.


Meet The Team


david volk
owner / partner

David started Waller Building Company with Connor in 2014. He works mostly behind the scenes to support the supervision, organization, and administration needed to achieve an excellent building project. His duties include estimating, and communicating with architects and homeowners. David once spent his days swinging a hammer and driving an old beat-up truck, and while he still dreams of simpler times, he loves the Waller team and working with good people on design-forward projects.


connor duffie
owner / partner

Connor is our partner on the ground. He oversees all construction and staff in the field, as well as working directly with architects and homeowners. At any given time, Connor is involved with management of technical details, timelines, and quality control. He strives to ensure each trade and person he encounters is met with respect and kindness. Connor prefers to office out of his truck, and use tools whenever David isn’t looking. 



Will has been with Waller since the beginning. His focus and organizational prowess help keep his projects crisp and rolling smoothly. Will is as steady as they come, a calm figure in an otherwise chaotic industry.


mike goerdel

We think Mike was born for this. He is unrelenting and always engaged. When it comes to a high level of detail, Mike is a veritable magnifying glass, helping the architect’s vision come to life within 1/32nd of an inch.